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Mankind has always dreamed of the stars.

When a pair of scientists at the University of New Mexico accidentally discover a method of generating previously unimaginable amounts of power, they immediately conclude they can fulfill that dream. But they lack the resources.

Turning to a group of insanely wealthy men and women, they propose building humanity's first starship. It takes time, but with the aid of a former NASA astronaut and a group of brilliant scientists and engineers, they set out to design and build the the UTSS Intrepid. After assembling a crew under Captain Gideon Okeke, a former commando and recent commander of the HMS Agamemnon, the team launches the new ship into the cold black of space. 

Now Captain Okeke will lead a hundred and fifty brave souls on the most important voyage of exploration in human history, boldy sailing into the black to determine whether we are alone in the universe. Their terrifying discovery will lead to a new question: can humanity survive what they find?